Data & Files Management Tips

How to determine products not assigned to any category (i.e. orphans):

If your store is running Miva Merchant 5 with MySQL .. More inside

How to access mysql data in MM5 from php:

<?php .. More inside

How to mass update product and category information, without errors:

Notes: .. More inside

How can I include non MM5 data, files or MM5 functions within Page templates that do not contain them as standard?

.. More inside

When are Baskets associated with Order Numbers?

Baskets get assigned an Order Number .. More inside

Where are baskets stored in a MySQL database?

.. More inside

How to add pipes to Excel spreadsheets:

The pipe symbol .. More inside

Tool for Excel import and export:

.. More inside

What processes does MM undertake, following the authorization of a payment?

When a payment is authorized the following steps occur .. More inside

How to get Product Images to display on secure pages:

.. More inside

How to view the contents of .dat files:

.. More inside

What is the default location for dbf files?

.. More inside

Weaknesses of Stone Edge Order Manager:

.. More inside

Using Miva Plus Point of Sale system with accounting system:

.. More inside

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