Data - Importing & Exporting of

How to import and export product and category headers and footers:

This ability is not included with MM5 out-of-the-box. There are 2 methods .. More inside:

Categories Import or Update

Always only use .. More inside

How to export shipping details and/or order weight:

.. More inside

How to make it easier to import order information and/or customer information into your accounting system:

.. More inside

Flat File Product Import/Export - what is the difference between "Keep Existing Products", "Update Existing Products" and "Replace Existing Products"?

An import will always just replace the .. More inside

Export bug - when exporting orders from Miva 5 store, the shipping is calculated wrong, in the exported file. It add the shipping cost of first order to the second, and shipping of first & second order to the third.

.. More inside

How to FTP access ALL batched orders:

.. More inside

Importing inventory: Important!

Steps: .. More inside

Flat file importing, replacing the tabs with pipes:

.. More inside

How to Import data into MySQL:

.. More inside

Can "Product Import" feature also import my product attributes?

.. More inside

If you want to change categories or add new products:

.. More inside

Using "Replace Existing Products" with products that have attributes will delete all Attributes

Replace will a .. More inside

How to assign products to multiple categories whilst using import

.. More inside

Problem with importing from Excel

Have quotes in descriptions but Excel not only adds quotes around the entire description, but also doubles the quotes inside the descriptions when any symbols are used in the text.

.. More inside

Trouble Importing products

When I try to import my products the html for the description gets jumbled in with other fields, have tried various delimiters, even importing the decriptions separately

.. More inside

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