Product Attributes and Options in Miva Merchant

How to achieve template control over your attribute display:

Use one of the following modules .. More inside

How to clear an attribute or option once the product has been added to the basket:

.. More inside

How to create a dropdown which says "Choose one" and check to ensure that the customer does actually select one:

.. More inside

List of Attribute variables:

.. More inside

How to format attributes and options using CSS and html:

.. More inside

How to display the full price of the product against each attribute or option:

For products with attributes or options .. More inside

How to create drop-downs with multiple quantities and quantity discounts for users to select an option and click the "Add To Cart" button:

<form method="post" .. More inside

If inventory tracking by attribute is required:

Miva .. More inside

How to display options when the options vary by attribute and where certain attribute / option combinations need to be excluded:

.. More inside

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