Tracking Traffic and Improving Sales

Variables to include in your conversion tracking code:

.. More inside

Example of javascript Urchin tracking file:

Code on page .. More inside

How to track traffic from each of multiple links from the same page

.. More inside

Where and what Google Analytics code to insert:

.. More inside

Google Analytics and Miva Malls - what accounts are required?

.. More inside

How to install Google Analytics for MM5: (Source: from

.. More inside

How to obtain abandoned cart statistics:

.. More inside

How to use google analytics to define the 'Goal Page' for the Checkout process, or the funnel pages leading up to it:

.. More inside

How do I use Google Analytics to track a 3rd-party shopping cart? eg MM5?

Google Analytics can track data from a shopping cart on your own domain, or even on other domains .. More inside

How do I track e-commerce transactions?

Google Analytics supports a client-side data collection .. More inside

Setting a cookie and tracking:

.. More inside

How to deliver downloadable files e.g. ebooks or software:

Write a script that .. More inside

Random Link Generator:

Random Link Generator allows .. More inside

SSI Random Image Displayer:

Similar to the basic Random Image Displayer .. More inside


TextClock can show your visitors .. More inside

Random Text:

A program that randomly chooses .. More inside

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